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Wireless Connectivity 4 in 1 Digital Multi Detector with moisture measurement
Introduction :

    External wireless connectivity 4 in 1 Digital Multi Detector can detect live wires and metal pipe / conduit in walls and wooden stud in drywalls, with audible and numerical display on LCD.

    Unique feature of MS-W68(11B) 4 in 1 digital multi detector is to trace water leakage in walls, floors, ceiling, carpet and etc.

    One of the advantage of the digital multi detector is wirelessly connect to Smart phone / Tablet / PC to view data, record reading, capture picture with data on it and send the information to headquarter.

    Key Specifications/Special Features :

      - Large 2 digits numeric 99 counts for accurate reading and 9 bars LC display to indicate high sensitivity sensing level
      - Operating current <40mA
      - Stud center and edge finder detect 2" x 4" stud up to 11/2" thickness drywall
      - Metal center finder detect Ø25mm iron pipe up to 50mm depth
      - Non-contact ACV detection >100V
      - Moisture measurement, penetrate depth > 25mm / 0-99 REL reading
      - Fully auto calibration
      - Over range display “– –” with alert beep sound
      - Stud / ACV / Metal / Moisture switch selectable
      - Low battery indication
      - With multi-tone audible sound
      - Auto power off approx. 3 mins. ( when no reading active)
      - Standalone mode : without external wireless module
      - Wireless connectivity transmit data  to Smart phone/Tablet with iOS APPS or Android APPS (require external wireless module MS-WMB1, sold separately)
      - Data logger compatible (require external wireless with memory module MS-WMBM1, sold separately)
      - Battery powered : 1 x 9V (6F22 / 6LR61 / 1604)
      - Dimension (LxWxD) mm : 160x81x33
      - Weight (approx.) grams : 138 (without battery)
Item no.MS-W68(11B)
Further DetailsWireless Moisture Meter MS-W68(11B)_TE4